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Refurb EcoPro

The EcoPro disc repair machine is able to be refurbished to be as effective and reliable as when it was new.

This is possible because of the superior engineering.  The EcoPro is designed to work all day every day and the parts that will wear over time can be easily identified and replaced.

If you want to repair all types of discs and you are on a budget then this is a great option for you.

All REFURB EcoPro's are exchanged from existing customers....that's right,  they were working when we exchanged them for a new one at the time they came up for the need for a service.

All REFURBS have a 6 month warranty against mechanical defects....user errors or mistreatment are not included of course.

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UPDATE - Our prices now include GST. This website is for Australian customers. ***FREE SHIPPING THIS MONTH***

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