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Repairing heavy damage- Xbox ring of death April 15 2023

The EcoPRO-2 can fix deep scratches, it is simply a matter of repair cycle time. The technology works by taking small amounts of polymer off at a rate of about 1 micron a minute.The facto...

Cleaning the pads March 18 2023

After our ring around last week we had a few owners ask the best way to clean the pads. The white powder collected in the pads is soluble in water and should be massaged out while holding...

Customer YouTube Video's February 15 2023

Over the years we have had a few customers go to the trouble to make videos.  Here are a couple.https://youtu.be/1NOCKQzvJTAhttps://youtu.be/Y97CgOJ6rKk 

The Workshop is now open June 15 2022

We have a dedicated website just for the care, maintenance and servicing of the EcoMaster, EcoSenior and EcoPro disc repair machines.If you have a problem with your machine this is the fi...

Parts for EcoMaster have just been added April 23 2014

There are over 400 parts for the EcoMaster.  We have chosen a select few but as we order in more parts we will be adding them.If you need a part please fill out the form in The Workshop

EcoPro2 Introduction April 07 2014

The first EcoPro was sold in 2009 after three years of development. ELM in Japan were manufacturing the best disc repair machines.  They were not the cheapest but they were well made and ...


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