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Supplies - Explained

How do I buy the supplies?

The supplies come in what we call a 800 minute repair pack. In a repair Pack you will receive 2 sets of pads, 160 mls of polish and a Key card.

EcoPro 800 min supply pack

The EcoPRO system

  • The EcoPro2 technology is a unique process (patented).
  • The system uses a thick white polishing compound and tap water.
  • The polish and water are stored at the back of the unit.
  • There is no waste or recirculation required as the polish and water are captured within the foam pads. The pads get washed out in water and are re-used.

The KeyCard

The Eco PRO-2 has a KeyCard system that ensures the correct polish and pad combo is used in the machine.

The KeyCard comes with each consumable pack and is programmed to expire after 800 mins of repair time so that's a maximum of 1600 discs when repaired on the 30 sec cycle.

The KeyCard's primary function is to ensure that each disc comes out perfect every time.

Secondly, it increases the useful life of the machine by ensuring the pads and polish are changed when needed.

In our experience, disc repair machines that do not have a system to monitor the consumables have “over use” problems that ultimately result in unreliability or repair and machine.

The Pads

EcoPro Pads

The repair pads are made from two layers of a soft absorbent foam.

The liquids used in the repair process are captured within the pads.

Once the pads are "full" the ECOPRO will instruct you to change the pads (it will flash CP).

The Pads are easily removed (velcro backed) and the full pads are then set aside for washing under cold water ready to be used over and over again.

Cost per disc

The true cost per disc is measured in two stages the repair stage and the post repair process of cleaning the disc.

Cloths, spray and time to clean a repaired disc is estimated at about 15 cents (based on the average employee costing 27 cents per minute).

The industry average cost to repair a disc is 25 cents making the overall cost about 40 cents

Most discs are repaired on the 30 sec cycle. Keep in mind that this cycle also cleans and drys the disc ready for the case.

AND the ECOPRO even opens the lid for you after the repair so with no knobs unscrew or lids to lift it saves even more time.

The EcoPro2 is hands down is the cheapest machine to run in the industry today.


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