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How many times can I repair a DVD, Music CD or Game disc? 
The repair process only removes between 2 and 20 microns per repair and the clear polymer is about 700 microns deep so you can repair it dozens of times before it is unplayable.

How does the ECOPRO get the disc so clean after it completes the actual repair ?
The ECOPRO uses good old fashion tap water as part of the repair process. This ensures that it can remove all the white compound after the repair.

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Techie questions...

What is different about this technology compared with the recirculating polish system used in the Azuradisc Dual Disc, Uno, Disc Wizard 4 and the DGT Disc-Go-Devil ?

The ECOPRO uses a unique polish and pad repair system. It automatically applies a small amount of polish and water to each disc rather than a liquid slurry that requires constant agitation. By eliminating the abrasive slurry the ECOPRO can 100% remove the compound it uses to repair the disc so no wiping is required.

How does the technology work? 
The actual repair technology is not new and has been refined over the past 6 years but the idea to use a single stage foam pad is new.

The technology in the ECOPRO has been developed from the final stage cycle of their existing range.

The ECOPRO uses a super thick compound and a soft washable PAD to repair the disc. This means less mess and less polish making it repair far more efficiently.

Comparison- How is the new ECO PRO different to my Venmill?
The Venmil or VMI is a buffer and the EcoPRO is a full service repair machine. The VMI additive and polish pad combo creates a super shiny finish but as it removes no polymer in the process so the scratches are still on the discs. It is a great cleaner and buffer. This type of repair process can not be used for Blu-ray.

The EcoPRO on the other hand actually removes the polymer on the shiny side of the disc. This eliminates the scratches permanently..but don't worry, you can repair a DVD or games disc over 80 times and it will still play.


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