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Green Pads (NEW VELCRO) - EcoMaster


THESE REPLACE THE STICK ON GREEN PADS.  Contact us if your machine has not been retrofitted with the Velcro pad holder (replaces the old holder).

Pack of 10 GREEN repair pads for the EcoMaster and Auto Smart disc repair machines.

For the repair of 100 discs per pad.  If you have been using the bright green pads that are rated at 50 make sure you change your routine for these 100 repair pads.

TIP-  We recommend that you restrict the pads to 100 repairs as well as using the correct amount of solution D.  If you go beyond the recommend number of repairs it places additional strain on the sanding motor bearings and pad holders which will increase maintenance costs and reduce the life of the parts.  This happens when the abrasive layer starts to break away from the adhesive layer.

These are genuine ELM pads.  ELM is the inventor and manufacturer of the EcoMaster.

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